Friday, November 4, 2011

He's got 9-9-9 problems...

I could really care less about Herman Cain's presidential run but REALLY?

Am I to believe that Herman did absolutely anyone??  I get it that one women's sexual harassment claim is another man's request for dinner but let's be real.  The question was "did a former employee make the claim and did your company pay her to go away"?
The answer to both those questions is YES.

Herm's problem is he believes he is smarter than everyone else.  That he can talk his way out of sticky situations if he avoids the real questions.  If he blames the Democrats, no Rick Perry, no racism, no the media...then everyone will just stop asking for answers.

What if the Hermster simply said, "you know over the last ten-twelve years I've said a lot of things and if one or two people took it in a way other than how I intended then I'm sorry".  This thing would have been a non-issue.  Instead; he and his campaign staff just look like idiots trying to cover something up.

Hell, I say shit everyday that probably offends someone somewhere.  If it's ever brought to my attention I'll handle it like head on and directly.  Or possibly have my mini-skirt clad, huge breasted Brazilian secretary come into my office and take some dictation of an apology letter. One or the other.

A brief Introduction...

If any of you are a fans of the late Bernie Mac, you will ABSOLUTELY understand this blog.  I believe I'm a lot like Mr. Mac because I "say what you want to say".  I will never pretend to be as funny but I will say what's on my mind and hopefully you all can take away what you need from it.

I'm a 38 year old divorced father of two living in a suburb of Minneapolis, MN.  I grew up a black kid in the primarily all white state of North Dakota but we can get into all that later.  My life views and personal opinions come from many places (including my childhood) but I'm not defined by any one thing.

The one thing I hope to get out of this blog is to tell some life stories as well as how my life has shaped my opinion on current social and world events.  Hopefully in an honest and sometimes humorous way.  I don't pull a lot of punches and have been told I'm a little bit too honest at times but that's me.

"I'm just trying to keep it real America"...I think that's what Mr. Mac would do.
Enjoy the ride...kob